Online Therapy

This is the new therapy…

We live in a crazy world right now… everything seems to be changing all the time.

And as you’ve noticed, almost everything now is done online. Therapy is no exception.

I know… you’re probably thinking to yourself: “Online therapy?? Huh. Well, that’s… different.”

But stay with me here. I think it’s a good thing!

That’s right: It’s totally doable… in fact, some people even like it better than traditional, in-person therapy.

And if you’re not particularly fond of or savvy with computers or smartphones, don’t worry. Joining the session is as simple as clicking a link when it’s time for your appointment. That’s it!

And if you’re wondering whether it’s as EFFECTIVE as in-person therapy… YES, it is!

You’ll have my full attention, so you’ll get all the benefits from online therapy as you would in person. You can work on all of your issues, struggles, and stressors… and you’ll receive the same tools, techniques, insights, and guidance from me that you would get if you were in an office.

Just because you’re online doesn’t mean something gets “lost in translation.”

And it’s DEFINITELY more convenient than in-person therapy.

First of all, it’s safe. You won’t have any of the health or safety concerns you might have when mingling around others in an office.

It’s also easier to schedule. You don’t have to work in your therapy appointments around finding a babysitter or taking off work. Plus, there are more hours in the day available to you when you decide to do your therapy online.

And skip the commute! Now, you don’t have to waste time and money driving back and forth from an office, finding a parking space, or maintaining your vehicle. Online therapy lets you avoid all that stress. Plus, you won’t have to sit around in a waiting room (which is stressful for some).

When you’re at home or in your own surroundings (that includes wearing sweat pants or pajamas, by the way!), you usually feel more comfortable – and that means that opening up and talking about your life is easier there, too.

Making the most of our time online…

First of all, you need a good Internet connection. Other than that, all you need is your preferred electronic device (e.g., phone, iPad, laptop) in good working condition.

Some other things to keep in mind…

If one of our screens “freezes,” we’ll give it a few seconds to correct itself. If it doesn’t, we’ll just move our session to the phone for that day.

You’ll be in control of your privacy, but sometimes that’s not as easy as you might think. Make sure you find a place where you won’t have interruptions or disturbances during the session. You might have to move elsewhere in your home, for example. We can reschedule if the environment is too disruptive (but you’ll be charged for that session). So… a little bit of planning can go a long way!

Finally, don’t forget about your appointment. That can happen whether you’re in person or online, but you don’t want to be charged for a missed session. I’ll check in with a text, but make sure you don’t let it slip your mind!

Are you ready?

You can, but you don’t HAVE to do all your therapy online. Some people prefer in-person therapy as their norm, but they’ll do an online session here or there if it’s more convenient that day.

Again… the flexibility and convenience make online therapy a great option!

Want to give it a try? Have other questions?

Call me and let’s talk about it. I can’t wait to hear from you! (310) 281-7113