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You never thought you would feel like this…

Someone has wronged you, and you don’t know how to move past it. Leaving it unresolved only grows these feelings of resentment.

The simplest activities, like getting out of bed in the morning, have become a struggle. Things that once brought you joy now seem dull and empty.

Unwanted thoughts play on repeat, making things like sleep and concentration impossible. Sometimes you get short of breath, you begin sweating, and your heart starts beating so loud you can barely think!

You’re worried that things will never get any better.

Life changes, even the good ones, leave you reeling. Sometimes you feel so sad, and you’re not even sure why.

Rejection or criticism triggers feelings of inadequacy that make you question if you even deserve to be loved.

You try to keep yourself distracted, but your loneliness only grows. It’s gotten so that you wonder if you will be alone forever.

“When did we go from connected to disconnected?”

You were so in love and never imagined you would have the problems you do now.

Conversations blow up – you both say things you regret, and conflict resolution goes out the window.

“That won’t happen to us. We’ll be different and stronger than other couples.”

Yet here you are… you’re not the couple you thought, and it’s not the relationship you once imagined you would have.

You are not alone.

Life, unfortunately, does not come with an instruction manual.

Often, it seems, we’re left to figure out the most important things all by ourselves.

You don’t have it do this alone.

There is another way. There is help.

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Hi, I’m Melissa.

Few things in life are as rewarding as helping another person find the happiness and peace they’ve been looking for. And this is what I want to share with you.

Feelings like anxiety, stress, or depression can make us feel like we’re all alone. However, you are not alone.

In my therapy room, you will be supported and validated. I provide a safe environment where, at your own pace, you can grow comfortable exploring the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back.

Soon, with my help, you will learn to be creative, thoughtful, and kind to yourself even in the face of difficult life events that may arise.

You will develop the skills to navigate the stressors that for too long have stood in the way of you achieving your goals.

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