Licensed Therapist for Couples

Couples Therapy

Strengthening Bonds for Lasting Love Through Couples Therapy

Transform your relationship into a source of joy and fulfillment with couples therapy in the LA / Hermosa Beach area. With Melissa Capin—licensed marriage and family therapist– you can discover effective communication strategies, rebuild trust, and reignite the spark in your relationship as a couple.

Benefits of Couples Therapy: Building a Resilient Partnership

Couples Connection: Rediscover Intimacy and Togetherness

Our therapy sessions provide a safe space to explore and enhance your connection, whether you’re looking to reignite passion, resolve conflicts, or navigate life’s challenges together.

Effective Communication for Couples: Unlock the Power of Healthy Dialogue

Learn proven techniques to communicate your needs and desires effectively, fostering understanding, empathy, and mutual respect in your relationship.

Couples Conflict Resolution Mastery: Turn Disagreements into Opportunities for Growth

Discover how to navigate conflicts constructively, gaining insights into your individual conflict styles, and learning to resolve disagreements with empathy and respect.

Couples therapy and counseling
Marriage Counseling

Trust and Intimacy Restoration: Heal Wounds and Rebuild Bonds

Navigate the journey of rebuilding trust and intimacy after betrayal or trauma, creating a foundation of honesty, vulnerability, and mutual support in your relationship.

Addressing Painful Experiences: Find Healing and Closure Together as a Couple

Explore unresolved issues and traumatic experiences as a couple, learning to support each other through life’s challenges and fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

Guidance and Support: Empowering Your Relationship Journey

Receive personalized guidance and support tailored to your unique needs and goals, equipping you with the tools and strategies to nurture a thriving and resilient partnership.

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You CAN make your relationship work!

The first step in your healing journey is done – you are here.

The second step is calling to set up a day and time to talk for a few minutes.

During our conversation, you’ll get an idea of what I will be like to work with. I will share my therapeutic background with you and answer questions about my therapeutic process.


The third step is making an appointment for you to come and meet with me. Some people don’t know where to begin and feel shy or embarrassed. I will open the session to help you feel comfortable and not put you the spot.

The fourth step is starting your journey to a better and happier place. 

Therapy is a very personal journey! If either of us feels from the initial phone call or even first or second meeting that I am not the right therapist for you, you are still not alone! I am here to help and give you referrals to a therapist or two who may be better suited for your particular needs.